Long-Term Solutions

Once your organizations needs assessment is complete, the consulting team, in partnership with your planning team, will evaluate the information to develop a strategic plan that will serve as a guide for years to come. By defining objectives and developing an action plan based on meeting those objectives, you’ll have an organized, comprehensive approach to fulfilling your benefits needs. Strategic planning shields your proposal from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge. Simultaneously we deal with the challenge of budgeting for employee benefits and maintaining its cost. Finally, we incorporate a technology assessment as part of our evaluation. Significant savings and efficiency gains can be supplied with the right HR technology. Whether you need a simple but solid, online benefits enrollment system, or a complex fully-integrated HR technology solution, our HR technology consultant will help you streamline your employee benefits administration so that you can achieve “more with less”.

  • Alternative Funding/Self Funding
  • PEO’s
  • Healthcare Exchanges
  • Rate Caps & Multi Year Guarantees
  • Integrated Wellness Programs

As the cost of providing health care benefits to your employees continues to rise many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own bottom line. Helping you meet these divergent needs with long-term solutions is our specialty.

Wellness Programs Will Make A Difference

Employers recognize that maintaining a healthy workforce is not only critical in controlling their health care costs, but also has a major impact on the performance, productivity and well-being of their employees. Organizations that pursue best-practice employee health management through wellness, disease management, and other health-promoting programs have seen substantial returns on investment (ROI), as well as enhanced employee morale and satisfaction. At Corporate Benefit Marketing we provide our clients with a comprehensive blue print with a list of preferred vendors for employee wellness and disease management programs. CBM’s Strategic health management capabilities include:


  • Conducting needs assessment through focus groups, surveys, claims analysis, health risk assessment, biometric screenings, and other assessment tools
  • Performing an audit of an organization’s current resources, such as internal services and the services available through their health plan carriers (including buy-up options) – and helping to coordinate and maximize utilization of those existing resources
  • Developing a program blueprint to guide the organization’s health management initiatives
  • Determining what additional resources are needed and helping the organization to acquire those resources
  • Identifying effective engagement and communications strategies to assure optimal participation in the programs
  • Promoting the wellness culture throughout the organization
  • Determining effective incentives to boost participation (e.g., lower premium contribution, rewards account, etc.)
  • Conducting program evaluation by identifying and tracking appropriate metrics and assessing program effectiveness

CBM will partner with your organization to help create a culture of wellness that will maintain optimal health, increase productivity, and enhance employee morale for years to come.